Sunil Gavaskar lashes out at Star Sports for using selective stats against Rohit Sharma


Legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar recently took a swing at critics who selectively wielded statistics against Rohit Sharma, India’s dynamic opening batsman. In the heat of the T20 World Cup 2024, Gavaskar’s fiery response echoed across cricketing circles.

Before India faced Australia, murmurs circulated about Rohit’s supposed weakness against left-arm bowlers. Critics pointed to stats, suggesting he struggled against them.

In the crucial match against Australia, Rohit Sharma unleashed his magic. He danced down the pitch, smashing four sixes off the formidable Mitchell Starc. The scoreboard lit up with 92 runs – Rohit’s career-best T20 World Cup knock.

Sunil Gavaskar lashes out at Star Sports

Post-match, Gavaskar didn’t hold back. He ridiculed Star Sports (the broadcaster) for their selective stats display. With a sly grin, he asked if they’d now create another segment on Rohit’s weakness against left-arm pacers. After all, Rohit had just dismantled Starc’s bowling attack.

“Just thinking about Rohit Sharma once again, he got out to a left-hander. So before the next match, are we going to do another segment about his weakness to left-handers? He got to a left-hander no? So another segment next time,” Gavaskar said on Star Sports.

Australia’s captain, Aaron Finch, stepped in. He argued that Rohit had faced left-armers for years and had improved his record. Finch highlighted the challenge posed by genuine swing bowlers like Trent Boult and Shaheen Shah Afridi.

“There are more left-armers playing now, and they’re genuine swing bowlers. A lot of them as well, particularly up front. You look at Trent Bolt, Mitchell Starc, Shaheen Shah Afridi, your left-arm swing bowler. So that poses a challenge to an opening batter,” Finch said.

Unyielding, Gavaskar stood his ground. He emphasized that players often get out attempting attacking shots against bowlers who bring the ball into the body. His message was clear: stats alone don’t tell the whole story.

“That’s the thing, with the new ball they are going to get the ball is going to swing. And if you are looking to play attacking shots where you know your bat is a little in front of the pad, you are going to be out LBW, you are going to be out bowled. So I don’t think you should look too much at that,” Gavaskar concluded.

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