Successful transfers of Juventus Turin


In the 2010s, Juventus was the undisputed hegemon of the Italian football. The team won 9 Scudettos in a row and it seemed that this will continue for a long time. But if you look at the football today results, you will notice that there is a certain regression.

In the 2020/21 Serie A campaign, the Old Lady only finished fourth. This is clearly not the result that fans and management were hoping for. However, it was quite understandable, because a number of factors led to such regression:

  1. Appointment of an inexperienced specialist to the position of head coach. Andrea Pirlo simply didn’t have tactical ideas that could be implemented. As a result, with him, the team resembled its old self only occasionally. The competitors took the full advantage of this.
  2. Lack of motivation among some leaders. This is not surprising, because they won the Serie A for 9 years in a row. In such conditions, there is not always a desire to do the best at 100%.
  3. Injuries of some leading players. For example, for a long time the team couldn’t count on Giorgio Chiellini.

All this could not but affecfootball results of the team already today. However, against the background of all the obvious problems, there were also bright spots in the team’s performance during the season 2020/21. First of all, these are the players who came to Juventus before the start of the season. Federico Chiesa and Weston McKennie are the two most successful signatures of the Old Signora. The first one was especially good.

They were quickly promoted to the starting lineup and began to play an increasingly prominent role on the pitch. Juventus definitely needed some “fresh blood” and in the person of these players the club got it. Interestingly, both players were initially loaned out, but they managed to prove themselves successfully so that the question of buying out their contracts was not even raised.

What to expect from young talents in the future?

Chiesa and McKennie are definitely among the brightest young talents in the Italian league. It is likely that it is them who will help the club improve its position in the Serie A tables. You can easily monitor it on the proven statistical platform.

In general, nowadays more and more young footballers appear in Juventus, who are hungry for victories and strive to return the team to the top of the Italian football. These include Moise Kean, Matthijs de Ligt, Alessandro Citi. You can find out how they will affect the team’s position in tables of the Serie A on the reliable website.

Now it is very important for the Old Lady to renew its roster, since many veterans have lost their motivation or physical shape and are not able to do their best at 100%. This risks affecting the team’s results. The youth, on the other hand, are ready to constantly demonstrate their maximum and are eager to return the Scudetto back to Turin.