Stewe Thomas reveals the most memorable moment from Season 1 of Pro Panja League

Stewe Thomas Kiraak Hyderabad Pro Panja League
Stewe Thomas Kiraak Hyderabad Pro Panja League

Stewe Thomas was crowned as the champion of champions in Season 1 of Pro Panja League and rightfully so. He had blitzed his way through all the opponents in the first season and in the semi-finals, he defeated the heavyweight superstar of Rohtak Rowdies Dara Singh Handa in a tie breaker, an athlete who had 30 Kilos on the 70 kg speedstar of Kiraak Hyderabad.

Kiraak Hyderabad star player Stewe Thomas | Pro Panja League
Kiraak Hyderabad star player Stewe Thomas | Pro Panja League

Stewe Thomas kept on breaking his own record as far as fastest pin is concerned. He pinned Baroda Badhshah’s Muzahid Shaikh in just 0.27 second.

Stewe Thomas went on to win the ‘Player of the tournament’ award alongside Mumbai Muscle’s star player Kyle Cummings.

Ahead of the second season, the Sports India Show had the opportunity to chat with Stewe Thomas to talk about his preparations and the new strategies that he is working on.

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Interview with Stewe Thomas

1) How is the training going?

Training is going very well and I am working hard to stay on top of my game.

2) How are you preparing for the second season?

For Season 2, I am focusing more on my technique and working on my weakness and staying mentally sharp.

3) How was your experience in the first season?

My experience was an incredible one. It was a challenging one but it helped me personally in growing as an athlete and as a person.

4) You were named as the flash by your fans because of your incredible speed? Can we expect the same from you in season 2 aswell?

Yeah. I was labelled as flash by fans around the country, but I am working on being unbeatable in Season 2.

5) Your weight cut video went absolutely viral in season 1? Are you planning on having similar cut in season 2?

The weight cut video got nearly 22 Million views and it was really unexpected. In the PAFI Nationals, I am playing in the 80 KG Category, So I will need to cut around 10 kg for Season 2, but it won’t be hard because I will start the weight cut process much earlier.

6) Your team just slightly missed out on winning the trophy? What do you think will the strategy be in Season 2?

We missed the trophy by a small margin, but it motivated us to work hard in Season 2 and come back stronger than ever. The gameplan would be do adapt according to the circumstances and execute our strategies effectively and I have no doubt that we will be crowned as the champion in Season 2.

7) Your most memorable moment from Season 1?

The most memorable moment for me was defeating Dara Singh Handa in the semi finals and winning the Player of the tournament trophy.