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How to start affiliate casino using 1xBet


The 1xBet casino is one of the most famous out there. Sure, 1xBet is probably most famous as a sportsbook. However, the possibilities that its casino offers are incredible. However, not only bettors and punters have a lot to win. People who decide to become affiliates of the portal can also earn extra income with their website. That’s why webmasters should seriously consider the chance to start affiliate casino using 1xBet. Here we will explain why these possibilities can be so attractive.

First of all, let’s see how the 1xBet casino looks like. This platform has several hundreds forms of entertainment that all members of the platform can enjoy. Summarizing, some of the games that can be played here include:

  • poker;
  • video poker;
  • roulette;
  • craps;
  • blackjack;
  • and many others!

These forms of entertainment are available in different variations. All of them offer spectacular graphics and a great gameplay that can be enjoyed from mobile gadgets and desktop computers. These features can be enough to persuade people into joining 1xBet.

What are the affiliate deals offered by 1xBet

Having explained how great the 1xBet casino is, and having mentioned that its games and additional features can be quite attractive for people to join the platform, now it is time to speak about the deals themselves.

In general, the affiliate’s task is to set up a banner on their website. Obviously, this banner when clicked will take people towards the 1xBet website. After clicking it, it will be possible to sign up in a matter of minutes. Here is where the different kinds of deals show their potential. There are two main categories of them that will be explained in more detail, they correspond to rev-share or revenue sharing and CPA or click-per-action.

Revenue sharing deals are exactly what they sound like. After a given period of time, depending on how the bookmaker and the affiliate perform, 1xBet will share part of its revenue with its affiliates. On the other hand, click-per-action deals will give the affiliate a fixed amount every time that someone clicks on the banner and does an additional action like signing up.

By visiting the sportsbook’s website, it will be possible to get in contact with the portal in order to start using 1xBet casino affiliate programs. The conditions are far better than what other platforms of this realm can offer, and these deals are highly profitable. That’s why everybody should consider partnering with 1xBet.