Srinivas Gowda says Pro Panja League has given tremendous opportunities to the specially abled armwrestlers

Srinivas BV

Pro Panja League No.2 seed in the specially abled category Srinivas Gowda made his presence felt in the first season of Pro Panja League. Srinivas Gowda remained in an undefeated winning streak and gave the Rohtak Rowdies franchise a terrific edge during the first season.

Hailing from Bengaluru, Srinivas Gowda is an Armwrestling icon of India, having represented India in numerous interantional stages. He was also the captain of the Indian team at the Asian Cup tournament which took place in Uzbekistan.

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The reached out to Srinivas Gowda to talk about his preparation for the second season.

Exclusive Interview with Srinivas Gowda

1) How is the training going?

My training is going very well. I was injured a while back and have recovered completely and hence the training is going on in full swing.

2) How are you preparing for the second season?

 My preparation for Season 2 is going very well. I am training under my coach and he’s been working on my form and technique. A lot of changes has happened in my playing style. My strength has also increased. I have challenged Chandan openly and for what I am training hard.

3) How was your experience in the first season?

My experience in Season 1 was very good. I have never seen Armwrestling at such a stage before. Pro Panja gave a lot of importance to the special category. I have even done bodybuilding before and even there no one gave this much importance to body building. The specially abled athletes were given same importance as athletes from other categories and I have never seen any other sports doing this. My family, friends and colleagues never thought that they will be able to see me compete live on national television. Everyone is asking me about dates for season 2. More than me, my family and friends are eager for the second season.

4) Your most memorable moment from Season 1?

My favourite moment from Season 1 was when my team Rohtak Rowdies reached the semi-finals. In the semis, it was a neck to neck fight between Rohtak Rowdies and Kiraak Hyderabad. We lost the finals by a single point and the matches were terrific.

5) What can we expect from Srinivas in Season 2?

Fans can expect 100% strong performance from my side. I will perform to the strongest of my ability.

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