SRFI Partners with WSO to Enhance Officiating and Player Conduct


The Squash Rackets Federation of India (SRFI) has announced a new partnership with World Squash Officiating (WSO) to enhance the standards of officiating and player conduct during matches. This collaboration aims to create a fairer, more professional environment for squash in India.

All you need to know about SRFI and WSO’s partnership

The SRFI and WSO have signed an agreement to improve officiating standards and education for coaches, players, and parents in Indian squash. The agreement abides by the existing rules regarding player conduct and clarifies referee decision explanations.

A key element of the agreement deals with player dissent. While players can request explanations for decisions taken by the referees, the final call rests with the referee. Referees will be strict in enforcing rules against arguing, questioning calls excessively, or using disrespectful language. The aim is to create a more professional atmosphere and improve the sport’s appeal for television broadcasts.

The agreement also clarifies referee decision explanations. Referees may offer explanations to clarify their reasoning, address recurring situations, or explain video referee decisions. However, players are expected to accept these explanations without further discussion.

Another area of focus is the movement of the players during the game. The agreement sheds light on what is considered acceptable movement, such as natural movements within a player’s technique or adjustments to create momentum or space for a shot. Referees will penalize players who do not make a genuine effort to reach the ball after a loose shot, especially if their positioning creates unnecessary interference with the opponent.

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