Which Sports Team Is Worth The Most


    Everyone has that one sport that acts like a drug to them. It calms the people down and takes them to a trance where they are having the time of their life. They are no longer sitting on the couch of their house. Once the match starts, they are in the stadium. Cheering and crying for their team. Their passion for the game drives them to stick their eyes on the TV for hours. Every sports league in the world has world-class teams with players worth millions. However, if all the teams irrespective of the sport, is brought under the same roof, then which team stands at the top? Which team has those world-class set of players that bring them the glory of winning the league consistently? The answer to these intriguing questions is there for you to read.

    5. New York Knicks

    New York Knicks or simply Knicks was one of the best teams out there in NBA. They consistently dominated the league before the 90s. However, the team has gone through a downfall since the 90s and has won the league only once in the 2012-13 season after 2000. The owner of this legendary club is Madison Square Garden Company. They are currently valued at $4 billion.

    4. Barcelona

    FC Barcelona is the team that has proved time and again that they are one of the best football teams in the world. There might not be many who doesn’t know of Messi, the GOAT of football who plays for Barcelona. It plays under the Spanish Football League, La Liga. The club has one of the most sought-after football clubs. With the best players in the world wearing their jersey, they are valued at $4.02 billion. This club is one of the most popular clubs for sports betting according to SBOBet.

    3. Real Madrid

    The other spectrum of the El Clasico and the eternal rivals of FC Barcelona is one step ahead of them in terms of their worth. Both the teams had the best rivalry when two GOATs of football- Ronaldo and Messi played for Real Madrid and Barcelona before Ronaldo took a transfer to Juventus. The club has won the greatest number of Champions League titles as well as La Liga titles. They are the most valued football club and third most valued sports club with a valuation of $4.24 billion. If you are a fan of Real Madrid, do check Livescore section on Buaksib to stay in touch with all the recent results of your favourite team.

    2. New York Yankees


    New York Yankees is a baseball club that plays under the Major League of Baseball. They are one of the two best baseball teams based in New York with the other one being the New York Mets. They have a very rich history of successful seasons and are, without a doubt, the most successful baseball club in America. With an estimated worth of $4.6 billion, they are the second-highest valued club in the world.

    1. Dallas Cowboys


    Dallas Cowboys is an American Football team that plays under the National Football League of America. They are one of the most successful American football team with a very impressive past and hold many records like 20 straight winning seasons (1966–85). They were the first team in any league to touch the valuation of $4 billion. They are the most valued team with a current worth of $5 billion.


    Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and Football clubs dominate the rest of the clubs of other sports in terms of valuation. They are also the most-watched sports in the world. These teams have consistently proved why they are valued so high above the other sports clubs in the world.


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