Sports in India


India is a country that amazes travelers with its contrast and diversity. Ayurveda, Hinduism, temples, and sights are all well known to tourists. However, India also boasts sporting achievements. Considering that sport is often the only way for the majority of the population to express themselves in some way and to fulfill themselves, India is currently experiencing a true sports boom. 

For example, Indian grandmaster Vishi Anand recently became the world champion in a trendy sport in India – chess. Cultivated marks in India are as diverse as the country itself. If Europeans are not surprised by tennis and soccer, India also has some rather exotic kinds of sports. First of all, it is cricket, which is popular in Indian casino online. In European countries, almost nothing is known about cricket. But it is a viral game in India.

Favorite Indian sports

India is a country with a vast population, rich culture, and traditions. India is a favorite destination for tourism. Many people come to India to explore this beautiful, talented nation. Sports in India are also part of their rich culture; Hindus are a sporting nation, loving many sports. The most beloved and respected sports will be discussed in the article below.

  • Soccer. First and foremost, of course, is soccer – the number one sport globally. If you walk along the Indian beaches, you can immediately notice a mass of children playing ball. Team India is not counted among the greatest teams in the world, and all its achievements have been in the mid-twentieth century. However, the development of soccer in recent years is flourishing in India. 
  • Basketball – A reasonably popular and favorite sport among Indians is basketball. The country has both a men’s and a women’s national team, and many Indians are interested in the best basketball league globally, the NBA. According to studies, about five million Indians play basketball. A solid figure, but still not impressive for such a vast country.
  • Hockey is a sport that is not too widespread in India. The field hockey team has been very successful at the Olympics, winning eight times. India is not the most potent team at the moment but is one of the dominant teams in the world.
  • Chess is very much loved by the Indians who take genuine pride in being the inventors of this beautiful intellectual game. Chess was invented in ancient times, and the interest in this beautiful game will never die. Hindus are also proud of their excellent chess champion, Vishy Anand.
  • Cricket. – And, of course, cricket. The sport is not particularly popular worldwide, but Hindus love it. Cricket is undoubtedly the number one sport in India. Almost everywhere, you can find boys playing cricket. 

Soccer in India

For example, if you visit Mumbai, you can see children playing soccer on the beaches, on the fields, and even on the streets. And it does not go unnoticed. Every year, several times a year, the staff of the famous British soccer team Liverpool visit this country to find talented players. By the way, women also play soccer well there; there is even a women’s league.

Soccer is considered the primary sport and the most popular in India, but today the national soccer team is only 147th place in the list of the International Football Federation. And its main and last achievement was in the 50s.

Probably many children in India don’t know who Beckham, Neymar, Ronaldo are, but they don’t need to because they have their stars. Yes, they do. For example, one of the most famous personalities in the world of Indian sports footballer Inivalappila Mani Vijayan, though he said goodbye to his soccer career back in 2006, many girls and boys try to be like him.

Indian Basketball

The next most popular sport in this country is basketball. Basketball is as popular in India as soccer. Basketball doesn’t require much space and excellent sports equipment. Basketball has been around in India for a long time, but by the 20th century, it had never declared itself as a sport of the country. There are both men’s teams and women’s teams. Of course, the men’s team takes priority since it is under the wing of the Indian Basketball Federation.

Since 2011, more and more representatives of the American NBA have become interested in this sport in India. They are trying to develop and introduce the Indian people to basketball in every way. And they are not bad at it. According to recent data, about 5 million local people play the sport. Also in India is a company COSCO, which produces basketballs.

Field Hockey

The sport of field hockey is rightly called the national sport of India. The Indian team won as many as eight gold medals at the Olympics at one time. And to date, it hasn’t slowed down at all and is in eighth place in the world. One of the most famous personalities in India was Dian Chand.


Tennis. This sport is quite famous among urban dwellers. It is not considered aristocratic for anything. Some of the most famous tennis players in India are considered to be Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes. Both are idols of young people in the young Indian population. Under their belt are not a few victories in various competitions. Against their background, the famous tennis player Sania Mirza stands out. She is among the top thirty on the list of the first racquet in the world. And here you can see all the tennis activities in India.


The next popular and intellectual sport in India is chess. Not for nothing, this country is its cradle, as written about in our article “The most interesting facts.” Modern chess had another name – Shatranj or Chaturanga, even in ancient times. To date, the world chess champion is the Indian Vishi Ananda. In 1993, Bollywood made an excellent film about chess with Mithun Chakraborty, whose fate is closely connected with the actress Sridevi Kapoor.


And, of course, one can’t ignore cricket because this sport is the most common in India. The Indian cricket team has a lot of achievements in this sport. They were world champions, won many world awards, and were many times finalists.

Water sports

All of the above sports are unlikely to be of interest to tourists who have come on vacation to the ocean. However, thanks to its rich nature and the presence of the sea, India is a mecca for lovers of water sports. A vast number of places can find fans of rafting and kayaking. The ocean is also full of beautiful pristine places for diving. They can be found in GOA and Karnataka.

For those who have always wanted to try surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, or kiteboarding but are afraid of the big waves, India is the perfect place to start. The vastness of the West Indies is also an unforgettable experience and won’t let you get bored. In addition, you will get a chance to try parachuting and hang-gliding.

Sports Development in India

Sport in this country is gaining momentum every year and is developing more and without the help, of course. Various events and programs for the development of sports in the country are becoming more and more frequent, as physical education has always played an essential role in the life of the Hindus. For example, the famous Indian team game kabaddi combines elements of spotting and wrestling.