Sourav Ganguly introduces IPL all-stars game ahead of IPL 2020


BCCI Prez and former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly declared that an All-stars match will take place before the start of IPL, and it will be a charity event. Ganguly also confirmed that the event is now being planned to be an annual affair. The venue for the game hasn’t been decided yet. “It will be an IPL ‘All Stars Game’ three days before start of IPL. The venue is not Ahmedabad as it is still not match ready. We have not decided on where we will make the donation,” said Ganguly.

Player safety is becoming an increasingly important issue in World Cricket and IPL, arguably the richest tournament in Cricket, won’t be two steps behind in such an important matter. Alongside player safety, IPL will also try to advance and normalize a revolutionary innovation. The concussion substitute and the no-ball rule are new additions for the season,” Ganguly confirmed.

During his historic season in Test Cricket, Marnus Labuschagne also became the first ever concussion sub in world cricket, and now IPL will use this feature to enhance player safety. Alongside it is the third-umpire no ball, which means that no balls will now be decided by third umpire instead of the on-field umpires. Although purists will mourn the gradual loss of importance of on-field umpires, many will be happy with the development, as even a single no ball misjudged by umpire will prove advantageous to one team during the ultra-competitive battles.

There were confusion and rumours surrounding the 8PM match starting time of night matches in IPL. But it seems that the starting time of night matches isn’t going to change any time soon, and absolutely not in the upcoming season. “There will be no change in the timing of IPL night games. It will start from 8 pm like earlier years,” Ganguly declared. “We will have only five double-headers this time. We have decided to reduce the number of double-headers,” Ganguly said, while also confirming that the final will be held on Mumbai.

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