“So they have lost their masala,” says Virat Kohli on his hug with Gautam Gambhir

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has broken his silence over the hug he shared with KKR mentor Gautam Gambhir during the IPL 2024 clash at Chinnaswamy and said that the people are disappointed as the ‘masala’ is over for them.

The KKR vs RCB clash was one of the most anticipated clashes on the IPL calendar this year as it would have pitted Gambhir against Kohli once again. Both men have had tensions boil over at the same venue in the IPL before and last year both men had a spat in Lucknow after the RCB vs LSG clash.

The backdrop to this hug is a controversial spat that occurred during IPL 2023 between Kohli and Gambhir, which became one of the most talked-about incidents in IPL history. The disagreement began with a faceoff between Kohli and Naveen ul Haq during a match between RCB and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), but it later escalated to involve Gambhir.

Fast forward to IPL 2024, all eyes were on Kohli and Gambhir during the RCB vs KKR match. To everyone’s surprise, the two cricketers, who had been at odds, shared a hug, effectively burying the hatchet. This gesture was a significant moment, not just for the two players, but for the entire cricketing fraternity, symbolizing the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Virat Kohli speaks about his hug with Gautam Gambhir

Kohli broke his silence on the hug during a recent event. He humorously remarked that people were disappointed with his behaviour, implying that the end of the feud meant the end of the drama or ‘masala’.

“People are disappointed with my behaviour. I hugged Naveen and Gauti bhai also hugged me that day. So they have lost their masala,” said Kohli during a PUMA event.

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