Smriti Mandhana Reveals Her ‘2nd Love’ Beside Cricket

Smriti Mandhana, the swashbuckling Indian cricketer, has captured hearts with her powerful batting and dynamic performances on the field. But beyond the cricket pitch, there’s more to this talented athlete.

Smriti Mandhana shares her love for cooking

While cricket remains her first love, Smriti has another passion: watching cooking videos on YouTube. In a recent podcast with RCB, Smriti shared her love for cooking and opened up about tasting different cuisines.
“For the longest time, I have done a lot of cooking classes and I still end up on YouTube, which i  filled with cooking videos, which is rare for a cricketer. I think I love food, I love tasting new cuisines, I love trying out new stuff, I love that,” Smriti said.
Smriti is also a great MasterChef Australia follower and she personated like one of the judges on the show. She also went on to share her food business ideas and credit this industry as “money making.”
“I’ve watched Master Chef Australia my whole life. I like acting like a Master Chef judge. I remember one of the judges George or someone as I don’t remember his name properly.”
I think I was always inclined towards the food industry business because it was I always felt it minted a lot of money. Somehow in my head, I felt like you are a Marwari at the end, it’s my passion as well plus I think a lot of people love food I just feel food is a business where uh you don’t have off Seasons even if you are people are sad still people want to eat.”
Smriti also opened up on starting a restaurant someday.
“That’s something which I always had on my mind. That was the second thing I wanted to do but my mom always said see if you are a chef you won’t be able to be a cricketer but if you are a cricketer you’ll be able to open a restaurant or whatever and I ended up opening a cafe at my hometown,” Smriti concluded.

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