Smart play on slots online


Even though the law on legalization provides several mechanisms to protect players and limit the admission of vulnerable users to the game, the idea of gambling itself has many opponents.

The primary purpose is to debunk the myths about the existence of some strategies of online casinos in India that supposedly allow winning with a hundred percent probability, which all kinds of “connoisseurs” like to offer and sell. The emergence of online slot has also been a boon for the industry.


Suppose you’ve decided on a bankroll and the amount of money you’re ready to spend on the slot machines, then you need to decide on the slots. What should be paid attention to when choosing:

  • High returns are considered to be on average 96-98%.
  • Games with a high level of variance have a greater likelihood that you can win a decent amount per spin.
  • Such slots can be found in almost all known casinos.
  • It is better to choose online gambling in Indian slots whose rate of return is at least 96%; if necessary, you can go lower, but very carefully, and it will cost you money.


Play and win need not be afraid to take risks, but it must be done sensibly. On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with games and slot machines with low dispersion. These machines can also win, but you should immediately understand that miracles do not happen, and such winnings will be a maximum of a couple of hundred bets. The lower the payoff, the lower the likelihood of winning, but you can lower the bankroll to 700-800 stakes. But most players still prefer slots with high variance, they are more likely to get the real money, and the game takes place with more excitement.

Do you want to approach the process of playing intelligently? First, you should always know the principle on which the slot machine works. An experienced player should always understand what’s going on his screen, so the chances to win are much higher. For example, you want to play for the first time on the new-for-you slot, most players, in this case, immediately begin to spin on the familiar to them, not bothering to understand at first. Whereas much better to first study the rules and all the bonuses offered, some of which can be very useful. Many players neglect the game’s rules, but we recommend that you read them carefully before you start playing. You can usually read them by clicking on the question mark. The rules can be spelled out with many exciting nuances; for example, it will be stated that squatters can fall out as in the main game and the bonuses. These same rules detail all the bonuses and specify all about the possible income of players. Only the information provided by the regulations can be fully trusted, as the manufacturer offers it.

How much to bet

You have accumulated a good amount for your bankroll and decided on the slots, and the next question is how much to bet? We recommend trying to bet the minimum. Today, most machines do not have a maximum bet, which means that the slot will behave the same regardless of how much you bet.

When to Stop

Stop-loss means the number of rupees after losing, which you should end the game. Every player determines this amount by himself. We recommend the following rule: risk no more than 10% of your bankroll for one session, and better still less; besides, it will allow you to prolong the game time significantly.

Once you have decided on a stop-loss amount, stick to this rule, it will help you save a lot of money. You don’t need to keep playing until the end, hoping that you will be lucky, so you risk losing a considerable amount of money. You can also set a stop-loss amount for yourself, not just for one game, but for, let’s say, one day.

The Risk Game 

We strongly recommend you to use this function as seldom as possible or forget about it entirely if you do not want to lose your whole bankroll. You can only use it if you’re going to win small amounts of money, up to 500 rupees. The reason is that these bonus rounds are mainly used to increase your casino’s advantage, while your probability of winning is extremely low, less than 50%.

Random Number Generator

As we have already described above, all players should understand how slot machines work and the role of the RNG in them. The main thing to know – the outcome of each spin does not affect the next and does not depend on the previous one, and it is an independent action. Therefore, all sorts of tricks and theories about “hot slots” will not work because they are fundamentally wrong. The slot machine does not track whether you lose or win; the random number generator only gives you a random set of numbers, which you see on the screen. So it is unlikely to “outsmart” the machine in any way; you have to accept these conditions and try to bet wisely.

The myth about casinos: there are special secret machines that give a lot of money

This myth is widespread in online gambling in the Indian community. For example, a player appears, begins to spin the wheel of a slot actively, gets a lot of wins, and then tells everyone that this slot is winning; it can be an excellent way to cut down dough. So, naturally, it’s simply that this particular gambler was not so lucky when he played. But others may only encounter losses.

Many people start believing in various superstitions anyway. That almost no day of the week affects winning or losing. Developers never put such conditions and factors in their algorithms. Therefore it isn’t very reasonable to believe that this will somehow affect the game’s outcome in the slots.

Myth: The demo mode slots better adapted to wins

Naturally, when you first start playing casinos for rupees, you first try the demo mode of slots. And it often gives quite a lot of virtual currency. Betting there can be similar to the regular game, well, of course, receive winnings in return.

When people start playing for real money, they often invest very little because they do not have such a deposit. And the game is usually played almost all-in. Of course, such a strategy will not be successful. Winnings are smaller than in the demo mode slots. The developers always establish the same settings for demo and regular slots. So do not think that demo slots are something tweaked and improved. No, they are precisely the same as the simple machines, give winnings. The casino does not influence these parameters.