Skating on Thin Ice: Rajkumar Tiwari fearing for his life in The USA

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Rajkumar Tiwari is India’s shining star in the world of Ice Skating. Most of India doesn’t see any snow for all over the year, and thus Ice Skating is not much popular in the nation. But Tiwari has crossed all hurdles, winning Gold medals in International competitions, including a Silver Medal at the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2013 at Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Tiwari has been living in The United States since February 2 and is pretty much rattled by his experiences at the time of a pandemic where The USA has been the most affected nation.


“I have seen deaths in my neighbourhood and bodies being taken away by health officials. It’s scary and I fear for my own well-being,” a trembling Tiwari said to Times Of India.

Rajkumar said that situation is serious in his county Alameda – in which his city Fremont falls – with 42 deaths and nearly 1,200 confirmed cases, as confirmed by US Public Health Department. Santa Clara County, which is 10 miles away from Fremont and where Rajkumar often goes for practice at a different ice rink, has reported 83 deaths and over 2,000 confirmed cases.


“It’s been a month since I have ventured out of my flat. I have run out of grocery stock and managing on leftovers. I fear that if I go out to a nearby 24×7 store, I might contract the virus because it looks like every other person in the US has the symptoms. I am petrified. Every day, we live in this fear whether we’ll survive the virus or not,” he said.

“It’s like death is knocking on your door. Trust me, the situation is so grave that I haven’t met my Indian landlord for nearly a week now despite living in the same flat. We use the kitchen separately. My family back home is worried about my well-being. They have warned me against venturing out but if I don’t go to buy essentials, how will I survive on empty stomach? I have to risk my life,” the 28-year-old skater lamented.

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