Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan Makes History with Victory in Women’s Snooker Championship

Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan Makes History with Victory in Women's Snooker Championship

In a nail-biting final at the beginning of March, Thai snooker champion Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan won the World Women’s Snooker Championship for the second time in a row. Nuanthakhamjan has gained access to professional events on the snooker circuit for the next two years as a result of receiving this coveted award, furthering her status in the snooker world. Snooker is getting more and more popular in Thailand, and during this time, it was one of the most bet-on events at But ultimately, Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan’s triumph was the main focus of the occasion.

Nuanthakhamjan Lands Prestigious Honour

Nuanthakhamjan showed excellent fighting qualities to eventually land success by a margin of 3-2, as she battled back to land victories in four straight frames to land the prestigious honor. Defeat looked like the most likely outcome at one point, as Chinese player Bai Yulu appeared to have the measure of her rival. However, that advantage was soon seized by the Thai player, and she never looked back after getting her nose in front. The fourth consecutive frame that she won saw her land a first world title crown, and in the process, she became the second Thai player to achieve that feat.

Thai Players Clash in Semis

The world championship semifinal matchup between Nuanthakhamjan and the defending champion Mink Saraburi looked to be an all-Thai affair. Given that Saraburi became the first-ever Thai player to receive the prestigious award in 2022, it was expected that Nuanthakhamjan would have a difficult time winning the game. The 23-year-old Thai woman snooker player rose to the occasion and easily defeated the reigning champion, but this was also an opportunity for a new star to shine in the realm of Thai women’s snooker. Even though the game was intense, the players respected one another after it was over, and it’s possible that these talented Thai players will face off against one another again at this level of competition in the future.

A New Star Is Born

With her win, Nuanthakhamjan will have the chance to enhance her standing in the snooker community. The 23-year-old will receive entry to professional snooker tournaments for the following two years as part of winning the world title. As a result, more Thai players will participate in some of the most prestigious tournaments around the world. F Nakhon Nayok, Moo Pajnam, Saraburi, and Jack Saraburi are just a few of the Thai players already taking part in these more renowned tournaments. The victor also received an award of £8,000 in addition to the honor of competing in more important competitions.

Given that Nuanthakhamjan is presently ranked ninth in the world, there is little doubt that she will have a successful future in the game. Her career has seen her compete frequently in championship matches, and earlier this year, she took second place in the Asia-Pacific Women’s Championship. She has, however, also won on several occasions, including the 2022 ACBS Asian Snooker Championship.

O’Sullivan Wins Men’s Title

The Thai competitors in the Men’s World Snooker Championship didn’t experience the same level of triumph as their female counterparts, as the title was claimed by a familiar face. Widely considered the best player in the history of the sport, England’s Ronnie O’Sullivan clinched the top prize for the seventh time in his career. He defeated Judd Trump in the final with a score of 18-13, marking his second victory in three years. This win was also financially rewarding for the Englishman, who received prize money of £500,000.

Final Thoughts 

The impressive performances of 23-year-old Nuanthakhamjan at the World Women’s Snooker Championship could inspire a surge in the number of people watching women’s snooker in Thailand in the coming years. With her incredible display of skill and determination, the young player has cemented her position as a shining star in Thai snooker. The future of snooker in Thailand is bright, as the nation is set to be well-represented in some of the biggest tournaments over the next two years. Fans eagerly await to see what other accolades Nuanthakhamjan can add to her world championship crown in the remainder of 2023.