Simple and fast way to find all football todays games and results


The useful service of sports statistics 777score has information on more than a thousand tournaments from all over the world. You can follow football todays games live, so you don’t need any sports news. The resource has versions in applications for Android and iOS, which do not take much place on your device, but are very useful and well-structured. The minimalist design, simple navigation and lots and lots of matches, this combination makes it one of the most popular sites of its kind.

By default, the homepage of the website presents the schedule of today’s football games and results if the game is over or live. You can use the tabs to sort the fixtures by Live, finished and upcoming events or select a specific date on the calendar.

The left side of the service allows you to sort the matches by league and country. When selecting any tournament, more detailed statistics will be displayed. In particular, users of the 777score service can see:

  • results of the matches played;
  • fixtures;
  • standings;
  • current team form, including the first half/full game;
  • statistics on the number of goals scored;
  • list of goal-scorers;
  • and other data!

It is possible to get information broken down by away and home games, or information on players personal performance. Also, available is the section with statistics from previous seasons.

Follow all the scheduled Premier League result day by day

It is possible to select EPL from the top tournaments list on the left of the website. This part shows a statistical summary of Premier League result. The League’s section is a real boon for anyone making football predictions. It really contains just about all the information you need to make a bet. Ratings, detailed comparisons of opponents, the latest standings of both teams.

The best thing is the breakdown of data about each of the opponents by potential marquee. Shots on goal, offside, yellow and red cards, possession percentage, fouls and corners are just the sort of things that many bettors like to bet on. The Result Premier League is delivered live without any delay, which makes it a convenient for live betting as well. 

You can select any matches as favourites, which you can find then in the “My Games” tab. To do so, simply click on the star sign next to the event itself. Screen icons are information about the availability of live-streaming. A number of links to various betting websites can be found on the service. 777score has all the necessary information already collected in one place.