Shreyas Iyer reveals how he earned his entry into the Indian team

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The number four position of Team India’s batting order was a variable spot among a number of batsmen, with prolonged debates and discussions on which run machine should be made permanent for the position. However, its now a territory marked by none other than Shreyas Iyer- the youngster who has sealed his no. 4 spot of the team thanks to consequent spectacular performances. However, getting picked for the spot wasn’t an easy task for Iyer- as he reveals what particularly grabbed the attention of the team selectors.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu/AFP

In a latest episode of Spicy Pitch, a web talk show by Cricbuzz, Shreyas Iyer recalled how he didn’t earn his place in the Indian squad, despite performing great in the Ranji trophy.

“When I scored 1300 runs in the 2nd (domestic) season, I wasn’t picked in India team, where I was expected to be picked. I could see other players being selected and going beyond me, even though their performance wasn’t as great as me,” the Mumbai cricket team star said in the show.

Falling behind his domestic teammates in the pecking order, the 25 year old took the advice of the selectors, who informed him that Iyer’s minus point was his aggressiveness.

He continued: “I felt I should go and ask the selectors what’s wrong in me. So, I went and asked, they said, ‘you’re over aggressive player. At the highest level, if someone bowls a good bowl to you, you won’t be able to survive at that stage’.”

“So, I thought, ‘let’s play the way they want you to, and try and see how it helps. So, I realised, if I stay longer, if I take some time… after that I became more consistent’,” Iyer added.

At the end, following the valuable words of the selectors, Iyer finally made his debut for the Men in Blues in 2017, in a T20 against New Zealand. However, it wasn’t as exciting as the player himself thought it would be.

“To be honest, I wasn’t that emotional, when I got the India cap. I felt I should have gotten it way before,” he concluded.

Iyer has made 18 ODI and 22 T20 appearances for Team India, and has been brilliant in the recent Australia and New Zealand series, which has made his spot in the team sealed for the coming years.

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