Should a footballer be sacked if his wife is racist?

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Infested with coronavirus, the country woke up after the death of George Floyd, the incident triggered a cascade of suppressed feelings and has spelled trouble for the guilty people, but the harsh truth is that the innocent people have been dragged into this mess as well, one such case is Los Angeles Galaxy’s Aleksander Katai.

The world is no more a splendid blend of blue, green, and white as we know it for years, it is currently a flame ball with the United States of America being the epicenter. 



The 29-year-old was recently released by the club after his wife’s ‘violent and racist’ comments about the ongoing protests against systemic racism and police brutality on George Floyd and countless others came into the light. Aleksander made it clear that he condemned the posts made by his wife, Tea Katai, and stated them as “unacceptable”.


Now the ethical question brews up. Should a person be punished for a crime or sin he or she did not commit? If the answer is yes, the jail cells would have been full by now.

If you look at it from the club’s perspective, it is evident that they want a clean slate and not be associated in any manner whatsoever in promoting racism. But this was not just the promotion of racism they were dealing with, it was a disturbing comment from a partner of a player who wears their badge on his sleeve stating the people protesting as “disgusting cattle along with chilling advice to just “kill them”. Whatsoever the case, snatching a professional footballer’s livelihood is not the solution to deal with such a sensitive issue. While it is understood that there might have been pressure from outside on the clubs such as sponsors who do not tolerate even iota of racism no matter the source, considering the damage it could do to their reputation, the actual truth might never come out with the word “mutual termination” placed to silence the murmurs.

One can only assume that there was a clause in the contract that led to this, but even if it is true, the clause is shaky leaving the player vulnerable and the club fully in control and command.

In a fair world, The club is entitled to make decisions if the player has been found guilty of particular wrongdoing. However, in modern times the club has entire authority over a player’s fate and while this keeps the player toe the line, but there are some circumstances beyond the control of a player, like this scenario, where Aleksander was rendered helpless.

Releasing a player under contract is always a tough proposition and is usually carried out with an iron-clad reason leading up to the player’s misconduct. Here, however, logic fails to answer that particular question, the more the reason is heard behind his release, the more absurd it sounds. It is just morally wrong to hold Aleksander wrong for his spouse’s actions.

While the decision to part ways was addressed as “mutual”, it won’t be too hard to believe Alexsander thinking that the outcome is not at all fair on him. In the end, he took responsibility for the actions that were not his through a statement.

It would be difficult to be in the winger’s shoes right now. He finds himself without a club through no fault of his own. He is expected to bear the brunt of the hurtful comments made by his wife. After years of navigating through clubs in Europe through loan deals, Aleksander had just started to build a career in the MLS after a stint with Chicago Fire before moving onto Los Angeles Galaxy. Now, a free agent, he has to move once again with the clubs of MLS probably being hesitant over acquiring him. He once again has to wait for the big break with his stint in America possibly tarnished over a moment of foolishness.

Education should be of paramount importance, racism cannot be an issue in the 21st century. Such dark times have dawned upon us that footballers have to instruct and educate the people in their household holding such toxic thoughts in order to keep their job. While one can’t change what has already happened, so one can only hope that no footballer ever goes through this predicament ever again with justice being hard to find these days.

While the post was duly removed by Tea Katai, it was too little too late The damage has already been done. While the post has vanished into thin air from the clouds and servers, it will live on with the people that were offended by the post and will also live through the Los Angeles Galaxy’s release of Aleksander Katai.

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