Shocking State of Indian Athletics: Only 1 Athlete Participated in this event at the 2024 India Grand Prix 3

National Youth Athletics Championships

The Indian Grand Prix-3, held at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru, on June 12, 2024, was a significant event on the Indian athletics calendar. It served as an Olympic qualification event, with athletes striving to meet the Olympic standard qualifying mark for the Paris Olympics 2024. However, the U20 women’s 400m event was marked by a shocking revelation – only Shreevarthini SK participated in this event.

Is Indian Athletics losing its balance?

This situation raises serious concerns about the state of Indian athletics. The Grand Prix-3 was an opportunity for athletes to showcase their prowess, improve their rankings, and secure their spots for the upcoming Olympics. Yet, the absence of other athletes is a stark reminder of the challenges that Indian athletics faces.

The Indian Grand Prix-3 saw several top athletes give the event a miss. This absence of top athletes is a significant setback for Athletics in India. It not only deprives the event of high-level competition but also denies upcoming athletes the chance to compete and learn from the best.

This situation also raises questions about the future of Athletics in India. If top athletes are not participating in significant events, it could discourage young athletes from pursuing the sport. It could also affect the overall performance of Indian athletics in international events.

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