Shiva Thapa reveals how he has modelled his approach after Vasyl Lomachenko in 63kg weightclass

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Even though the road to Tokyo 2020 Olympics won’t be a cakewalk, Shiva Thapa remains confident that he can make it through with persistent hard work. 

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Speaking to the media after reaching the finals of the National Boxing Championships, Thapa shared a lot of thoughts regarding his key to success.

“Since the first qualifier is not in my hand, I will be looking forward to the second one. If there is any other event, I will take part in that. More tournaments will make me stronger. I have just kept patience and working hard,” said Thapa.

Manish Kaushik has already booked his berth in 63kg category after winning a bronze at Ekaterunburg last month. Shiva Thapa congratulated Manish for his feat.

“Winning a medal in the World championships is not easy. Technically he is a sorted boxer. But if someone knows how to attack a counterattacking boxer, then he is in trouble.”

Thapa has admitted to have changed his game after making a shift from 60kg to 63kg category earlier this year.

“Many boxers are coming from 64kg (to Olympic weight 63kg). In 64kg, there are bigger boxers, so my focus is to feint and go for the body. I am focusing on body punches – upper cuts and body shots – because they wash out the stamina. My upper cut is good. I want to make it stronger,” he said.

Then while going on to talk about tactics, Thapa admits to have learnt a trick or two from Ukrainian professional boxer Vasyl Lomachenko. 

“I have changed to shifting angles while hitting the body. Many times while hitting straight my head goes down. When you see an opening, you just go for it. But Lomachenko shifts to give more power to his punches. When you are going for the body, you have to shift your angle a bit,” he said.

Finally, Thapa said that the goal for one shouldn’t be to go to the Olympics just for namesake. One should be determined to succeed for the country.

“It is not impossible (to change to Olympic weight 57kg), but I have to feel the energy and strength. I am feeling good in 63kg. Why lose weight and energy? It is not good to go to the Olympics for the sake of it.”