Shikhar Dhawan advocates maintaining emotional balance over cricketing skills

Shikhar Dhawan
Image Courtesy: The Indian Express

India’s Shikhar Dhawan may seem to look like a carefree sort of a person, who loves to enjoy his batting out on the field. But the Delhi lad has invested immense time in working on his inner self and maintaining emotional balance.

Image Courtesy: The Indian Express

It has in fact helped him in many ways, teaching him to be calm and peaceful while also showing him how to live a life.

“I am into spirituality. I have learnt a lot about how to live life. You can’t be angry or frustrated all day because that’s not natural. But you can remain calm and peaceful all day. I am a carefree person but not a careless person,” said Dhawan.

“It is very important to take a break from game. I have a lot of hobbies like playing the flute, horse riding and dancing. I take breaks to do all those things. And then when I get down to my cricket, my focus is on the mark,” he said.

This new way of leading his career has in fact helped him overcome his recent injury in the World Cup and also the set backs he faced when dropped from tests.

“I don’t let such things disturb me for long. It was sad. I came back from the World Cup but I got over it quickly. That’s life. If I get sad now, next year will be sad too. I like to stay positive and happy. Life throws challenges to everyone. You have to take it in and move on,” he said