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Shawn Michaels reveals origin behind Sweet Chin Music!

WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michales was interviewed by Sony Sports where he answered questions posed by fans on the Facebook platform. The Heart Break Kid reminisced the journey of his illustrious career, talked about his maiden championship runs, discussed potential dream matches and factions over the course of the session.

As much as the rest of the world, Shawn Michaels is also confined due to the ongoing pandemic. He said that he is safe and sound along with his family and revealed that his responsibility in household chores is primarily taking out the trash and taking the dog out for a walk.

Possessing one of the most electrifying and devastating finishing move in WWE history, Michaels was asked how the move was named as Sweet Chin Music, to which Michaels said:

“Well, so not a lot of things were planned for the Heart Break Kid character. I was able to evolve and “find” that character over time. The Sweet Chin Music, I can remember again making the comment about a Roger Clemens fastball in baseball and they would say, “Ooh a little sweet chin music from Roger Clemens to back him off the plate”, and I mentioned it to Vince Russo and from that point forward Russo began to assert into a promo idea and felt like it was a great name to differentiate what everyone called a superkick so to speak and into a little bit more stylized and focused, you know “finishing” move for the Heart Break Kid”

Another question posed for the veteran was which opponent from the Attitude Era would he choose for a match at the present. Michaels answered that he always wished to have a match against Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was the crown jewel of the Attitude Era.

While Michaels wrestled the Texas Rattlesnake for the championship in the main event of WrestleMania 14, the Heart Break Kid was nowhere near his best as he battled through a serious back injury. The match remained his last bout until his return in 2002.

When questioned about what went through his mind after his last bout in 2010, Michaels claimed that he was ready for that but the pressure of replicating the efforts from the year before was there.

Watch the entire interview below:

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