Shawn Michaels (finally) comes out of retirement for a match at WWE Crown Jewel


YES, you read it right!! Shawn Michaels will be coming out of retirement at WWE Crown Jewel. The long-awaited anticipation for HBK’s return to the ring is over as Michaels will team up with Triple H to take on the duo of The Undertaker and Kane in tag team competition in Saudi Arabia.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, D-Generation X reunited and responded to the aftermath of their clash with the Brothers of Destruction in Australia. Triple H defeated The Deadman at WWE Super Show Down and after the match, all the four men involved showed mutual respect for each other and put aside their long-standing rivalry.

However, after all the pleasantries, Kane and Undertaker weren’t finished as they brutally attacked their opponents and put Michaels through the announce table. HBK’s last match was eight years ago at Wrestlemania 26, where he lost to The Phenom and was forced to retire due to the stipulation.

Wrestling fans all over the world have been compelled to wait patiently to see Shawn Michaels make a comeback to the WWE ring. Now that he is back, we certainly hope this won’t be his last match and instead, be more like a stepping stone for him to relaunch his career.

On that note, take a look at the video to see what went down on RAW: