Shane Warne has his say on who the better batsmen is between Smith and Kohli

Image Courtesy: The Week

Steve Smith has been in the form of his life since returning to test cricket following his suspension. In the Ashes so far, Smith already has 3 centuries to his name which includes a double ton. It also saw him overtake Virat Kohli to the first spot in the ICC test rankings.

Image Courtesy: The Week

Meanwhile, Kohli too recently became India’s most successful test captain after winning his 28th match in just 48 games.

With all this taken into consideration, former Australian spinner Shane Warne came out to give his verdict in who was the better player. While he stated that he would ideally choose Smith in his side, he also went on to tell that Virat is currently the best batsmen across all formats.

“As far as Test cricket goes, I would probably say it is a really tough one between Virat and Smith. But I think if I had to pick one batsman in Test cricket, it would be Smith, but if I lost that and had Virat, I would still be happy because he is a legend.” 

“I think Virat is the best batsman in the world. I think if I had to pick one batsman across all formats, it would have to be Virat. Viv Richards was the greatest batsman I saw in ODI cricket and in all cricket probably. But Virat is now the greatest ODI player that we have seen. He overtakes Viv for me,” said Warne.

Then when asked about Kohli’s attitude as the skipper out on the field, Warne was quick to point out that Kohli was growing into the role and maturing well as a captain.

“I think he is a wonderful leader. You are never the best version of yourself when you first start as captain and it generally takes a bit of time. I think he is growing into the role. I think maybe he was a little bit too emotional when he took over, but I love his passion and I think he is starting to get the balance between emotion, passion and being calm. I think he is also getting better tactically.”

Finally Warne was grateful for Virat as he had managed to keep test cricket alive and kicking in recent times.

“All of us old fellows who love Test cricket, we owe him a big thank you for saying that Test cricket is the most important form of the game. When you have the biggest superstar of world cricket saying that, it is good for us old guys, who love Test cricket.”

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