Shan Masood Survives Bizarre Cricket Incident: Hit Wicket and Run Out on Same Ball

Shan Masood

In a remarkable and rare occurrence during a Vitality Blast match between Yorkshire and Lancashire, Pakistani cricketer Shan Masood found himself at the centre of an extraordinary event.

Shan Masood’s wicket revealed another MCC rule

In the 15th over of the innings, Masood attempted to scoop the ball but ended up hitting his own wicket. Simultaneously, the bowler delivered a no-ball. As a result, Masood was deemed not out due to a unique law in the MCC rulebook.

Despite surviving the hit wicket, Masood faced another challenge. Joe Root called for a single, and Masood hesitantly left his crease. However, he gave up after a couple of steps. Lancashire fielders took the bails off, believing they had run him out.

To everyone’s surprise, the umpires ruled Masood not out. The hit wicket was nullified because of the no-ball. The umpire believed that Masood wasn’t attempting a run; instead, he thought he had dismissed himself due to the hit wicket.

According to Law 31.7 in the MCC rulebook, an umpire can intervene if a batter, not given out, leaves the wicket under a misapprehension of being out. The umpire then calls a dead ball and recalls the batter.

After the match, Masood explained, “I stood my ground, wanting treatment. I was confused. Rooty was running, and then eventually I ran. For me, it was more about being hit.”

This incident left fans amused and showcased cricket’s quirky side. Despite the chaos, Masood remained not out, adding a unique chapter to the game’s history.

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