Seven U17 Football Players Injured in Thane as Terrace Roof Collapses


In a harrowing incident, seven young football players under the age of 17 were injured when a terrace shed collapsed onto the football turf in Thane, India. The tragedy occurred at Gawand Park in Upvan, Thane, on a Friday night around 9:30 PM.

The terrace shed of a seven-storied building gave way due to heavy rain and strong winds, crashing down onto the football ground where the players were engaged in a match.

The injured football players in Thane Roof Collapse

Shubhan Karpe (15), Aryan Iyer (15), Siddhant Ravasiya (15), Abhigyan (15), Ethan Gonsalves, Ayyan Khan (15), Archit.

All of them suffered head injuries. Two players, Ayan and Ethan, are in critical condition and are being treated in the ICU. Meanwhile, Archit is on a ventilator at the hospital.

A witness, Rahul Patil, described the incident as sudden and shocking. He rushed to the spot, helping one of the injured boys named Archit, and promptly took him to the hospital for treatment.

The local authorities are investigating the incident. Girish Gode, Senior Police Inspector of Chitalsar Manpada Police Station, stated that they issued a letter to the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) to determine if the shed had proper permissions or if it was an illegal structure. Legal action will be taken if negligence is found.

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