Serie A could finish Champion-less due to Covid-19 pandemic

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The ongoing Serie A season could finish without a champion if the coronavirus pandemic poses to be a threat again. 

The Italian federation approved the proposed plan for a playoff or the use of an algorithm in case the season cannot be finished. Meanwhile, the Serie A clubs asked for no champions and no regulations on Friday.


The latest plans put forward by the FIGC president Gabriele Gravina were set in motion with a unanimous vote while three Serie A clubs did not mark their presence in the voting.

“Today, football won, we showed unity,” Gravina said. “Right from the start we supported the necessity to not remain outside the international scene. Among the big five, four of us decided to finish our seasons.


“The Lega Serie A is not coming out of this defeated. It’s just that some of their requests weren’t accepted because they weren’t in line with what we decided last month.”

The Serie A is scheduled to resume on June 20, after a three-month gap. The season is slated to end on August 2 with 12 rounds of fixtures left to play along with 4 postponed clashes from the 25th round.

Juventus are at the top of the table in course of winning their ninth straight title while Lazio hanging on to the second place with only a point separating the two. Inter Milan are nine points behind the leaders but have played one match less.

The format of the playoffs including the number of teams to be involved has not yet been decided.

“We still haven’t decided on the details but we will do so before the season starts, together with the Lega Serie A,” Gravina said.

“I think it will be a useless task because I hope that the season will finish normally.”

In case the pandemic worsens, playoffs would be the desired route to crown the winner while if it comes down to the use of the algorithm, there would be no winner crowned unless it is mathematically certain at that point.

The meeting did not answer the question of the situation when a player is tested positive. As of now, if any new cases arise, the entire team would be asked to quarantine for two weeks.

The FIGC also addressed that there would be penalties for breaching the strict medical protocols set in place for the resuming matches. The penalties range from a simple fine to expulsion from the championship.

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