Serbian Player Goes On An Anti India Rant After A Quick Exit From WTA Mumbai Open

WTA Mumbai Open

Serbian tennis player Dejana Radanovic received massive backlash from the tennis community for defaming and speaking poorly about India. Radanovic was in the country to participate in India’s ITF Futures circuit.

Radanovic had a horrible time in India both on and off the court, as she first went on to lose in Bangalore at the W50 events, then in Pune and Indore. Things got worse for Radanovic, as she gave a walkover against Vaidehi Chaudhari in the first qualifying round at the WTA Mumbai Open.

Dejana Radanovic drops controversial opinions about her experience in India

Radanovic, ranked 253rd in the world, made matters even worse when she opened up on her point of view of India in a series of Instagram stories on Feb 4. (sourced from Reddit)

“Adios India see you never ever ever ever ever EVER again” she wrote on her Instagram story after reaching Munich on her way back home to Serbia.

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Image Source: Reddit

“HELLO CIVILIZATION, only those who have experienced something like India for 3 weeks can understand the feeling,” Radanovic wrote in another story showing a cup of coffee at the Munich airport.

In a different story, Radanovic criticized Indian street-side fruit and vegetable vendors, recalling the moments when she visited India for the first time.

“You can obviously take fruit,but for the first time their few years ago I did,and ended up with food poisening and temperature 39+ for 4 days so this time it was a no-no.” she wrote in one of her Instagram stories. She also advises to not drink tap water in India.

Radanovic received a lot of backlash for her comments, and many fans are blaming her for buying from street vendors and not preferring the more trustworthy and safe supermarkets. Many are pointing out that anyone whose profession relies on their health should choose safe and big eateries for their meals and not any cheap roadside shop.

A large number of fans even labeled Dejana Radanovic as a Racist, as they pointed out that it is unsafe to drink tap water in most of the developing countries in the world. Fans also pointed out that it seemed like Dejana had some kind of personal grudge against India and the rest are just nuisance.

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