From Seoul to the city of dreams – The story of Taekwan Park


The sport of cricket has managed to capture the essence of stories ever since its inception. South Korea’s Taekwan Park’s journey is one such example. In a bid to revive his cricketing career, the South Korean left his homeland and set foot on the city of dreams, Mumbai.

Image Courtesy: BBC News


The 28-year-old all-rounder was a part of the squad which won the 2016 East Asia Cup. But since the sport is not popular in the country, Park decided to ply his trade in the country where cricket exists in every nook and cranny.

Park was initially a baseball player, but transitioned himself to cricket and was selected for South Korea in 2013. He soon realized that he would not be able to receive good coaching in his home nation and thus won’t be able to do justice to the sport.

Speaking to BBC News Hindi, the left-arm all-rounder talked about his passion for the sport. He said:

“Cricket is very special to me. There is no bigger nation than India when it comes to cricket. My parents were skeptical about my switch, but I managed to convince them. Even the best of cricketers are not able to play for India”

Park has contacted several local clubs in Mumbai and soon they realized his potential. One of the coaches, Pradeep Kasliwaal praised the all-rounder. He stated:

“I’m impressed with him, his action is perfect. If there are more cricketers like him in South Korea, then they are destined to prosper in the next five years,”

The 28-year-old understands that by each passing day, his dream of becoming a professional cricketer is waning. He added:

“I get sad when I realize that I won’t be able to become a professional cricketer due to my age. But, I’m positive about it. If I am unable to do that, I’ll go back to South Korea and promote the sport,”


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