See which Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma compared with Zlatan Ibrahimović

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Among all the traits of Sportspersons their supporters follow, their fashion statement is a must- and their hairstyle plays a big role. In this regard, footballers are always on the lead- the most bizarre and various hairstyles are donned by players across the globe. Sometimes even other sports figures get inspired and try the same styles. Indians are no different in this regard- a country with such a huge football fanbase, even the cricketers follow thei styles of their favourite footballers. Rohit Sharma spoke about it all today.

Image Courtesy: AFP/PA

The hard hitting opener became the first ever non-footballer to be chosen as a brand ambassador for La Liga, was present at a conference in Mumbai. On talks about the Spanish top flight, the 32 year old revealed some interesting facts about his teammates.

When asked about the best footballer in the squad, Rohit said: “There are lots of them actually, we have got Zlatan Ibrahimovic in our squad as well, that’s Ishant Sharma. M S Dhoni is the number one football player.”

The Mumbai Indians captain added that the youngsters in the team are always on to replicate the hairstyle of the players they follow.

“The young guys who have come into the team like Shreyas Iyer, K L Rahul, Hardik Pandya, they all follow football and they do watch all these footballers, their hairstyle and what they do with their hairstyle.”

In yesterday’s T20 match against West Indies, Rohit scored a blistering 71 runs from 34 balls. A pioneer of skill and passion, the batsman revealed the inspiration comes from his favourite player and club.

“I used to love Zinedine Zidane, I watched him play and that’s how I started watching football regularly and Spain obviously because of their skills, how they play football.”

He continued: “Real Madrid is again because of the skill and passion, how they play and how much skills they have within the group.”

Asked about the influence of Spanish football in the country, Rohit said: “Over the course of the past five years, we have witnessed a significant growth in the interest for football in India.

“The infrastructure has grown immensely and ISL in particular has provided a good platform to younger Indian players to come out and display the skills, just like how IPL has done for Indian cricket.” he added.

Yesterday Rohit Sharma became the 1st Indian to hit 400 sixes in international cricket, and 3rd highest all over the world, behind Gayle and Afridi.

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