Sanjay Singh to move court over the suspension of WFI

Sanjay Singh after winning the WFI election. Source: X

Sanjay Singh on Thursday revealed the intentions of Wrestling Federation India(WFI) to challenge the Sports Ministry’s decision, in the court next week. WFI also will hold the Executive Committee meeting on Jan 16, where the future plans regarding the Indian Wrestling will be discussed.

WFI will continue to work, says Sanjay Singh

The Sports Ministry temporarily suspended the governing body of WFI, just three days after the election. The reason being the federation not following the established clauses in the constitution of WFI. The Sports Ministry also formed an ad hoc committee, with the help of Indian Olympic Association(IOA) to take care of wrestling affairs in India.

Sanjay Singh had earlier revealed that the Federation do not recognize the newly formed ad hoc committee. Also, Federation will hold the nationals and camps all by themselves, spurring a rift with the Ministry.

Bhupinder Singh Bajwa, chairman of ad hoc committee. Source: PTI

Sanjay Singh Wrestling Federation of India’s future plans

“At the executive committee meeting of the WFI, we will discuss challenging the suspension imposed on us by the sports ministry. A decision on whether to go to court or not will be taken at the meeting,” Sanjay Singh said.

He also reveals that the Federation will reveal the calendar for the current year at the EC meeting.

“We will put out a detailed schedule for the tournaments for the year, including the senior nationals. The WFI does not recognize the ad-hoc committee set up to run wrestling. The WFI elections were conducted in a democratic manner. How can a federation which has been elected as per the rules be suspended? The WFI does not recognize its suspension by the sports ministry. The WFI will continue to run the sport in the country and we will put the interest of wrestlers first,” Singh said.

Sanjay Singh blames ad hoc committee for poor management

Sanjay Singh put blames on the ad hoc committee for not including any wrestlers in five different categories at the Zagreb Open.

Singh concluded saying, “The ad hoc committee has badly handled the team selection for the Zagreb Open. Five weight categories will have no Indian wrestlers. If the elected federation was running the affairs, such a grave error would not have happened. The future of Indian wrestling is at stake. Those who don’t know anything about the sport are making decisions and it is not working.”

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