Sania Mirza advocates for WAGs to be present at matches for support to the Men in Blue

Image Courtesy: IANS

There is an ongoing stigma against the wives and partners of cricketers, as the ladies aren’t allowed when their men are on tours. Now, Sania Mirza has come forward in support of all the ladies, defending them as strength rather than a distraction.

Image Courtesy: IANS

In an interview at the India Economic Summit on Thursday, the 32 year old argued that the bad performance on field has no relation to the presence of wives or girlfriends in the stadium, and they deserve no blame.

“Anushka Sharma is blamed if Virat makes a zero, like what does that have anything to do with anything. It makes no sense.” Mirza opened up in defence of the actress.

Mirza, who married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in 2010, lamented that she herself was targeted after Pakistan’s defeat in the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

“And I’m not even from there, what powers I must have”. she said.

Speaking to NDTV, the former tennis star said: “Many a times, including our cricket team and in many teams I have seen that wives or girlfriends are not allowed on tour because the boys will be distracted. What does that mean? What is it that the women are doing that is going to distract the men so much?”

The six times Grand Slam winner also said that sportsmen perform better on field in presence of their significant other in the stands.

“They don’t come back to an empty room, they can go out and have dinner … when you have your wife or your partner there it gives you support, it gives you love,” she added.

The South Asian UN Women Goodwill Ambassador also urged for the encouragement of young girls to take up a career in sports so they feel free from family and society’s pressure, because of their gender.

“To start with, parents, neighbours, aunties and the uncles (need to) stop telling you how dark you will become and no one will marry you if you play a sport.” she said.

Since her retirement in 2013, Mirza, now the mother of one, last appeared in the court in the 2017 China Open, but revealed her plans to return to the sport next year.

“I’ve started practicing and the plan is to try to comeback by January. Hopefully my body will support me. If my body allows me and is letting me compete at my best level that I think that I can compete at then I will definitely give it a go.” she told the reporters.