Sanath Jayasuriya Becomes A Victim Of Death Hoax On Social Media


Cricket fans across the world woke up to a very rude shock on Monday morning with the news of former Sri Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya passing away spreading like wildfire on the social media. There was a lot of confusion and ambiguity regarding the authenticity of the news. Even a lot of cricketers had taken to Twitter in an attempt to get a clarification on the matter.

Indian off-spinner R Ashwin also was taken aback by the news of Jayasuriya’s death and tweeted in an attempt to know about the genuineness of the news received by him on WhatsApp.

It was claimed that the left-hander was in Toronto Canada and was hit by a Honda Civic which led to his death. However, amidst all the drama the cricketer himself finally came out and gave a statement about the news being just a hoax.

The Cricketer issued a statement regarding the whole controversy that read:

“Please disregard fake news by malicious websites regarding my health and well being. I am in Srilanka and have not visited Canada recently. Please avoid sharing fake news.”

He also urged the people on social media to refrain from spreading such fake news about his death as it has been very disturbing for his friends and family.