SAI to introduce fitness tests for coaches


Sports Authority of India (SAI) has decided to allow for mandatory fitness tests for all coaches under its umbrella.


According to the latest direction, the tests shall be taken twice a year, with the results being permanently added to the coaches’ respective personal files, where they will be updated and maintained by SAI after each test.

During Fit India Dialogue, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, speaking with fitness motivators all across the nation including Virat Kohli, spoke of an ‘age appropriate fitness programme’. This SAI decision is probably a nod to the new programme declared by the Prime Minister.

A document of which the title is ‘Fitness Protocols and Guidelines for 18+ and 65 years’ has been finalised by the Indian Union government’s Fit India Division. The document has been prepared by a ten member committee, spearheaded by Dr K K Deepak, Professor and Head of the Department (Physiology) of AIIMS, New Delhi.

This is a part of the greater Fit India Movement, started last year. The Fit India Movement is a movement to take the nation on a path of fitness and wellness. It provides a unique and exciting opportunity to work towards a healthier India.

As part of the movement, individuals and organisations can undertake various efforts for their own health and well-being as well as for the health and well-being of fellow Indians.

According to the new protocol, the coaches under the SAI umbrella shall be tested for the following criteria:

1) Body Composition Test – BMI

2) Balance Test – Flamingo Balance & Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

3) Muscular Strength Test – Abdominal/Core Strength (Partial Curl-up) & Naukasana (Boat Pose)

4) Muscular Endurance Test –
Push-Ups for Boys/ Men, Modified Push-Ups for Girls/ Women and Sit-ups for both

5) Flexibility Test – V Sit Reach Test

6) Aerobic/ Cardio-vascular fitness test – 2.4 Km Walk/Run

“Sports Authority of India (SAI) is primarily responsible for the training of athletes through expert coaches. Fitness of coaches is one of the essential ingredients for them to impart fruitful training on the field. Coaches need to maintain a certain level of fitness so as to show the path of progress to the athletes. Therefore, coaches have been advised to undertake the physical fitness assessment as per the protocol twice a year,” SAI declared through a statement.

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