Sachin Goyal training hard ahead of Pro Panja Mega Matches-1


The Pro Panja League is back after a year to host its second event in Mumbai. The event will take place in the posh section of South Bombay named Colaba in a venue called the Radio Club Pier.

It sits parallel to the Iconic Taj Hotel and the Gateway of India. This time around, Pro Panja League will feature 18 athletes with most being the medalists from the first Pro Panja League ranking tournament.

In the co-main event, Pro Panja League ranking championship’s 80kg silver medalist Sachin Goyal will take on the champion Karaj Virk. The pair fought last year in Delhi and in that match-up, Karaj Singh was able to defeat Sachin Goyal in a hard forth back and forth action.

sachin goyal pro panja

22-year old Sachin Goyal hails from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh had also won the gold medal in the 2019 Nationals which took place in Bhilai, Chattisgarh. The Sports India Show had an exclusive chat with Sachin Goyal who talked about his training regimen for the upcoming fight.

1.) How is your training going ahead of Pro Panja Mega Matches-1?

I have been training extremely hard ahead of the Pro Panja Mega Matches-1. I have also been lifting heavy during training. I start my training at 8 am and go hard till 3 pm in the afternoon. 

2.) What type of training are you doing?

I am doing 180kg pulling and doing a bicep curl with 65 kg dumbbell and holding 95kg dumbbell. I am also doing minor cardio workouts like pull up, chin-ups and I also stretch.

3.) Are you in any type of specific diet for Pro Panja League?

I have been eating boiled chicken and almond milk.

4.) How confident are you in your match against Karaj Singh?

I am extremely confident about beating him on 14th February. I have been training hard and I am sure I will be rewarded for it.