Here are some of the rules you must adhere to before registering with Bet9ja

Here are some of the rules you must adhere to before registering with Bet9ja

Signing up is among the most important steps people must complete before deciding what to bet on. All sites have a registration process, but some allow people to open a new account in a matter of seconds.

Even though there are many differences in the registration procedures from bookie to bookie, the process for signing up for Bet9ja on a mobile device is the same as registering online using a desktop browser. This means that one of Africa’s premier gambling companies allows people to start using the site regardless of the device they are on.

Although the registration process does not take long, people need to adhere to different rules before creating an account. Those who can’t do that won’t be able to start using the site, so let’s learn more about everything and what to pay close attention to. 

You need to make sure that you will be able to access the website

Usually, people’s first step before deciding to use a given gambling brand is to ensure they won’t have any problems accessing the website. This is possible if the operator is licensed in a specific country or if it uses an international permit.

Bet9ja is among those brands because the company uses a real license, and it allows people to access it from several countries. Nevertheless, those who read the full rules will notice that the brand can’t guarantee it will be available all the time. So, before opening a new account to use its services, think carefully about everything else and decide if its worth using.

The site’s services are only available in NGN

One of the advantages of online bookmakers and casinos is that they accept a wide range of currencies. This is usually a big plus, and sites will offer you at least a couple of things to try out. However, the situation with Bet9ja is different because this company is the leader in Nigeria.

As such, everyone who decides to complete the signup operator on a mobile device or desktop will only be able to use the site in Nigerian Naira. The latter is the country’s currency, and every bonus and deposit should be made with it.

This will not be a problem for people who can make money transfers in multiple currencies all over the world. However, others will have difficulties and need to be more careful because their bank will charge them a large fee.

Bet9ja does not allow you to buy or sell an account

Even though the concept of buying or selling an account on a gambling website seems strange in some parts of the world, it’s pretty standard in others. People do that either to make money or because they’re bored, but the bad news is that this is not possible on Bet9ja. That’s because the site must follow strict anti-money-laundering rules set by commissions.

Users who attempt to do something like this can get into a lot of trouble because the operator may close or suspend their account. Furthermore, if the site suspects you’ve done something like that, it will require additional verification steps that you won’t be able to complete because you either do not have the account anymore or the new person does not have your ID documents. 

Bet9ja does not allow its employees to use the site

Despite the fact that it accepts customers from different parts of the world and is available to all Nigerians over 18 years of age, Bet9ja has its limits. One of then is related to the people who can use the site because it is not accessible to any of the operator’s employees.

It is common for employees to use the given site because they know which products are the best. However, winning a big amount of money can be controversial, which is why most brands like Bet9ja decide to avoid the problem by not allowing those kinds of people to use the site.