Rohit Sharma’s plea to everyone : Please leave Risabh Pant alone!


According to the current captain of Indian T20 side Rohit Sharma, there have been enough criticisms for Risabh Pant in recent times. Whenever he has done any mistake, the critics have started to show his fault in a broad way. The constant criticism is certainly affecting the career of the young 22 year old cricketer.

In the second T20 match against Bangladesh, Risabh Pant missed a golden opportunity to stump Liton Das out in the powerplay. Risabh Pant took the ball in front of the stumps. Though, Liton Das was out of the crease, he was saved because of this small mistake made by the young Indian wicketkeeper.

According to Rohit Sharma, Risabh Pant is only trying to execute the plans of the team management in the field. Everytime, he can not be presented as the Villain after a mistake. Rohit urged the critics to leave Pant alone for few days. There are certainly scope of a lot of improvements in Risabh Pant’s gameplay and he is trying hard to do that.

Risabh Pant has not performed significantly well in terms of batting in his limited overs International career so far. So, the pressure is certainly building up on the young lad and the captain has tried to protect his player from that.

Lance Klusener believes Rishabh Pant needs to brush aside his flamboyancy in order to be better