Rohit Sharma’s Coach Shaped My Career: USA Cricketer Harmeet Singh


Left-arm spinner Harmeet Singh, a key player in the USA cricket team’s fairytale run during the ongoing T20 World Cup in the Americas, credits his success to Indian captain Rohit Sharma’s coach, Dinesh Lad.

Harmeet Singh credits Dinesh Lad

Harmeet’s talent was first recognized by Coach Lad during his school days. Rohit Sharma, too, studied in the same school. Lad advised Harmeet to join his school, where he provided unwavering support and guidance.

“I would like to thank everybody who supported me in this journey and especially to Dinesh Lad Sir. My talent was first recognised by Lad Sir, who was the coach and mentor during my school days (Rohit Sharma studied in the same school),” Harmeet recalled in a video shared with PTI.

Harmeet switched to Swami Vivekanand School under Lad’s mentorship. Together, they achieved remarkable feats, breaking records. Lad’s passion and dedication were instrumental in their success.

“In fact, he only advised me to join his school. There he provided me with everything he possibly could,” he said.

“I switched to Swami Vivekanand school. We broke many records, there was no cricket in the suburbs then but now looking back at it, it all looks like a dream. What all we achieved at the school, couldn’t have been possible without Lad Sir’s support,” he said.

Lad sent Harmeet to train at Shivaji Park Gymkhana under the guidance of legendary cricketers like Padmakar Shivalkar and Pravin Amre. This exposure honed Harmeet’s skills and prepared him for the international stage.

“The passion with which he worked on us, and the dedication he showed by sending us to the Shivaji Park Gymkhana to train better under Padmakar Shivalkar Sir and Pravin Amre Sir,” he added.

Now, as a member of the American team, Harmeet’s progress owes much to Lad’s unwavering support. The USA team has made it to the Super Eight stage in their debut appearance at the T20 World Cup.

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