Rohit Sharma reveals the reason behind having a bit of Barbados Pitch- “The place where all our dreams came true”

Rohit Sharma

After India’s triumphant victory in the T20 World Cup at the Kensington Oval in Barbados, a video of India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, went viral. In the clip, Rohit is seen taking a ‘bite’ of the pitch and showing his respect to the track.

Rohit Sharma appears for a photo shoot with the World Cup

During a candid interview after a photoshoot, Rohit explained the reason behind his gesture. He expressed that the ground and the pitch had played a crucial role in their win. India had played on that very pitch and emerged victorious, clinching their second T20 World Cup crown. The memories associated with that ground were deeply significant for Rohit.

“See, those things are actually, I don’t think I can describe that because nothing was scripted. It was all, you know, whatever was coming instinctively, I was feeling the moment, when I went to the pitch because that pitch gave us this. We played on that particular pitch and we won the game, That particular ground as well. I will remember that ground forever in my life and that pitch as well. So I wanted to have a piece of it with me. Yeah, those moments are very, very special. And the place where all our dreams came true. I wanted something of it. So that was the feeling behind it,” said Rohit.

Rohit’s desire was to keep a piece of the track with him for the rest of his life. The pitch symbolized the place where their dreams came true—the site of their hard-fought victory. His instinctive act of taking a ‘bite’ was an emotional connection to that momentous occasion.

Rohit emphasized that these feelings were beyond description. Nothing was scripted; it was all about the raw emotion of the moment. The pitch had given them the win, and he wanted something tangible to remember it by. So, he decided to have a piece of it with him—a unique memento of their historic achievement.

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