Rohit Sharma reveals secrets behind his batting pyrotechnics at the World Cup


Every ground where India have played in this World Cup has witnessed the masterclass of the modern day legend Rohit Sharma. Five centuries and counting and milestones after milestones has been left behind as the Rohit Sharma juggernaut continues in this world cup. Its not about the centuries and the runs he has scripted but it is about the grace and artistry which he brings to the game of cricket.

Sharma credits his excellent form to him being in a secure and good phase in life.It shows in his batting and also the way he manages the media session with a smile and a disarming finesse.

Time and again he has stressed on the process which the players have to follow , to be able to manage their career’s well and play to their potential for the country. The expectations from the fans , family and the social media distractions.. its not easy being an India cricketer. But players like Rohit and others have managed to create a template which keeps them at an arms distance from these distractions.

Sharma also credits his family and friends who have helped him in this context and also believes in living in the present rather than thinking about the past or the future.

He also stated the importance of being away from social media even though the expectation of a whole nation is lying on their shoulders and also credited the logistics manager who helps them to stay focused.