Rohit Sharma reveals who his ‘cricket crush’ was when he just got into the Indian team

Image Courtesy: Twitter/The Hindu
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Every cricket lover of the country has one player they admire and look up to, and this phenomena even runs in the younger generation of cricketers who step into the Indian team. Limited overs vice captain Rohit Sharma’s story is no different, the blistering opener who also had a ‘cricket crush’ when he first got into the senior team, and the man he idolised was none other than the legendary Yuvraj Singh.

Image Courtesy: Twitter/The Hindu

Currently under lock down due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic, Rohit Sharma has frequently been interactive with his followers on social media regarding the sport. Recently he went live on Instagram with Yuvi himself, and speaking about his nascant days in the Men in Blue dressing room, Sharma revealed that the former all rounder of the team was the player he followed.

“When I came into the team, my cricket crush was Yuvraj Singh,”Sharma revealed during his live session.


The 32 year old run machine entered the international side in 2007, when Yuvraj already had seven years of international experience and had established himself as a stalwart of the squad with his marvellous performance.

This had an influence on a young Sharma, who was so much inspired by Yuvi that he even followed how he talked, how he prepared before a game, and everything in general.


I always wanted to talk to Yuvraj Singh. I always wanted to see how he prepares and what he does,” Sharma added.

He also went on stating Piyush Chawla and Suresh Raina were the other two youngsters that Sharma had with him during his early days with the team.

“When I came into the team, there were so many seniors. I think I was the only youngster alongside Piyush Chawla and Suresh Raina.”

However, now an inevitable part of the squad, Sharma concluded that he interacts with the current juniors of the squad.

“the atmosphere is light now. I keep talking to the youngsters, the five-six of them,” Sharma concluded.

Since his debut in an ODI against Ireland, Sharma has earned 224 ODI and 32 Test caps for India, and has captained Mumbai Indians to lift four Indian Premier League trophies.

Sharma later added that after Yuvi, his next Instagram live guest will be Harbhajan Singh.

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