Rohit Sharma gives a befitting replay to Inzamam’s ball-tampering alleagtion – “Sometimes people need to open their minds and think”

Rohit Sharma

Ahead of India’s T20 World Cup 2024 semifinal clash against England, Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma swiftly addressed the ball-tampering allegations made by former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq. Inzamam had suggested that the Indian team had tampered with the ball during their Super 8 match against Australia, leading to suspicions about early reverse swing.

Rohit Sharma lashes out at Inzamam

Rohit Sharma’s response was unequivocal. He emphasized that the conditions in the Caribbean were vastly different from those in Australia or England. Here, the rough surfaces and intense heat contribute to the ball reverse swinging as early as 12-15 overs into the game. Rohit pointed out that this phenomenon wasn’t unique to India; it affected all teams participating in the tournament.

Inzamam had specifically questioned how the ball could reverse swing as early as the 15th over, implying that “serious work” had been done on it. Rohit’s retort was straightforward: “What can I say? Don’t you see the rough surfaces and the heat here? This isn’t Australia or England. Sometimes people need to open their minds and think.”

Notably, Rohit Sharma’s dismissal of the accusations wasn’t an isolated response. Former player Saleem Malik also highlighted the tendency to overlook issues when it came to India. He recalled an incident in Zimbabwe where Wasim Akram’s wet ball went unnoticed, emphasizing the need for consistent scrutiny across all teams.

In summary, Rohit Sharma’s sharp response defended the integrity of the Indian team, emphasizing that the ball’s behaviour was a natural consequence of the Caribbean conditions. As the semifinal showdown with England loomed, Rohit’s words served as a reminder that context matters, even in the high-pressure world of international cricket.

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