Rinku Singh opens up about rising to fame after hitting those 5 sixes


In the high-octane world of cricket, moments of brilliance can transform lives. Rinku Singh, a Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) batter, experienced such a life-altering moment during the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL). His incredible feat of hitting 5 sixes in the final over against Yash Dayal catapulted him into the limelight, forever changing his trajectory.

The turning point for Rinku Singh

Before those five sixes, Rinku Singh was a cricketer toiling in the domestic arena. His background was modest, and he hailed from a small town. But destiny had other plans. In that adrenaline-charged match, Rinku’s bat connected with the ball, sending it soaring over the boundary ropes. The crowd erupted, and Rinku’s name echoed across stadiums and living rooms.

“The life before 5 sixes and the life after 5 sixes are very different. I got featured in ads, people got to know me and now I cannot travel anywhere alone. They have hoardings on my name, and they cheer for me, which feels good. It feels like I have achieved something in my life,” Rinku told the IPL website.

Rinku Singh’s life transformed overnight. He became a household name, featured in advertisements, and couldn’t travel alone anymore. Hoardings bore his name, and fans cheered for him. His journey from obscurity to fame was nothing short of remarkable. But what changed the most was his perspective on life.

Rinku Singh shared his newfound wisdom: “Stop thinking too much. The person above (God) has plans for you, so trust Him.”

Despite his newfound fame, Rinku remains grounded. He admits he’s not an emotional person, but there’s one thing that brings tears to his eyes: motivational films. Watching Vikrant Massey’s “12th Fail” struck a chord with him. Rinku related to the struggles portrayed on screen—the journey from the bottom to the top. He watches movies about others’ success, drawing inspiration from their stories.

Rinku Singh’s dream isn’t just about personal glory. He was named in the reserves of the T20 World Cup 2024 squad. While some felt he deserved a spot in the main XI, Rinku remained unfazed. His ultimate goal? To lift the World Cup with the Indian team in the West Indies. When India lost the World Cup, he felt the emotion, but he knew he had to move forward. As a seasoned finisher, he understands the importance of staying calm and reacting to the bowler’s moves.

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