Rinku Singh Revealed Rohit Sharma’s Words of Advice After T20 World Cup Snub


Rinku Singh, the talented left-handed batsman, recently opened up about his feelings after missing out on the T20 World Cup 2024 squad. Despite not being included in the main squad, Rinku will travel as a reserve to the USA and the Caribbean islands. In an exclusive interview, he revealed how India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, provided him with valuable advice during this challenging time.

The Snub and Moving Forward

Rinku Singh acknowledged that it’s natural to feel disappointed when not selected despite good performances. However, he maintained a positive outlook, recognizing that team combinations sometimes dictate selections. He shared:

“Yes, anyone feels a little bad if he is not selected despite good performance. However, this time I could not get selected due to the team combination. It is okay; one should not dwell too much on things that are not in one’s hands. Yes, I was a little upset in the beginning. Whatever happened is fine. Whatever happens, happens for good.”

Rohit Sharma’s Words of Encouragement to Rinku Singh

Rinku Singh highlighted the impact of Rohit Sharma’s words. The Indian skipper, known for his astute leadership, offered Rinku valuable advice:

“Rohit Bhaiya did not say anything special. He only said that just keep working hard. There is a World Cup again after two years. There is no need to worry too much. This is what he said to me.”

Rinku Singh praised Rohit Sharma’s captaincy, emphasizing the support he provides to young players:

“The whole world has seen how good his captaincy is. If I talk about myself personally, I have done only one tour with him so far. I have not even talked to him much. He supports the youth a lot. He only wants the youth to do well, and he always says, ‘Play, do well.’”

As Rinku Singh prepares for the upcoming T20 matches, he carries Rohit Sharma’s advice with him—a reminder that opportunities lie ahead, and hard work pays off. Whether on the field or as a reserve, Rinku remains committed to his cricketing journey.

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