Read why the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games could be postponed to the end of the year!


The Coronavirus scare is by far the single biggest topic in news these days. Like every imaginable field and industry, sports is being affected by the outbreak. Now, in the most bewildering news heard in sports for over 50 years, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is at risk of being cancelled. If it indeed gets cancelled, Coronavirus will be the first disease, and the only agent other than year to make Olympics skip an Olympiad for hosting events.

Olympics are highly prestigious events, and usually results in a high boost in tourism and industries in the host country. It is also very costly to host. The latest budget is 1.35 trillion yen ($12.51 billion), with Japan’s government providing 120 billion yen to build the Olympic Stadium and 30 billion yen toward the cost of the 2020 Paralympics.

The Japanese media, and people in general is as bewildered and confused at the present status of Olympics at Tokyo. In a response to a question in the Japanese Parliament, lawmaker Seiko Hashimoto comments: “The contract calls for the Games to be held within 2020. That could be interpreted as allowing a postponement.”

Hashimoto also declared that preparations are on to host the game anyway, in spite of the disease outbreak. “We are doing all we can to ensure that the Games go ahead as planned,” the legislator included in his answer to the Parliament.

The right to host the games lies solely in the power of the IOC and its president Thomas Bach has consistently maintained that they are fully committed to hold the event as scheduled.