Read all the flirtatious messages between Dana Brooke and Batista!


It seems that two personalities related to WWE are getting on into a wildly unpredictable relationship. A few days ago, we reported the hint of a relationship between Dave Bautista and Dana Brooke, wity Bautista announcing he’s single and Brooke aiming for him via Twitter. Now it seems that they have hit a certain path to actually carry on.

The tweet exchanges are going more and more racy with time, and now it seems that they have reached a place and time for a date. After a response by Bautista with a “I need to get a piano but I ain’t scarred,” Dana posted something more bizarre: “You have like 5 days to get to one —— And send me some practice runs so I can see the best angles.. I’ll post the best ‘luckiest woman ever. ‘”

Days later, Bautista uploaded a pic of himself and gave the ‘sup treatment to Dana, followed by Dana replying: “Not much, You?” with a kiss emoji. Bautista tweeted another selfie: “You know. Just standing around with my arms up. I see you been gettin those squats in.” He ended the tweet with a peach emoji. Brooke reminded Bautista that the upcoming Wrestlemania is in his resident town: Tampa.

Bautista already knew the fact. He tweeted, “I do actually! Just so happens that I have my own gym. #LionsDen .. Two squat racks! here it is. It also has an upstairs with a cage and mats as well. Ever done any jujitsu?” This was the moment which finally transformed it into a date as Brooke posted, “Sounds like a date.. Also, I’m sure you can teach me a couple things I can use in the ring- also the squat racks too – I’ll send ya my number via DM text me we can plan something.”

Renee Young, Paige and the ever-witty WWE on Fox account chimed in to ship this sudden fan-favourite duo. Brooke didn’t stop and let Twitterati know that the DM has been sent, and Bautista replied with a mood GIF. Let’s follow the entire conversation below: