Ravindra Jadeja’s old X post goes viral amidst feud with father

Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja strongly replied to his father, Anirudhsinh, who alleged that things were not going as well within the family. Jadeja has found himself in the spotlight lately after his father aired grievances about their strained relationship in an interview. Anirudhsinh Jadeja, in an interview with Gujarat’s daily Divya Bhaskar, has blamed his son’s wife Rivaba for creating a rift in the family.

Ravindra Jadeja in the spotlight after a rift with his father

On Friday, Ravindrajadeja’s father Anirudhsinh Jadeja came out against his son alleging him for neglecting him. The senior Jadeja said things changed after the India star’s marriage and that he currently lives alone in Jamnagar.

“Do you want me to tell you one truth? I have no relation with Ravindra and his wife, Rivaba. We don’t call them, and they don’t call us. The issues started after two or three months of their marriage. I currently live alone in Jamnagar, while Ravindra resides in a separate bungalow of his own. He lives in the same city, but I don’t get to see him. I don’t know what magic his wife has done on him,” Anirudhsinh said.

Jadeja Sr. also went on to say, “He is my son, and it burns my heart. I wish I hadn’t gotten him married. It would have been better if he hadn’t become a cricketer. We would not have to go through all this in that case.”

Ravindra Jadeja got married to Rivaba in 2016. The couple have a daughter. Rivaba is currently serving as a Member of the Legislative Assembly(MLA) of Jamnagar North Constituency. She won the election in 2022, contesting against Ravindra’s sister Naynaba.

Ravindra Jadeja
Rivaba Jadeja

Mr. Anirudhsinh also went on to say the exact reason behind the family feud. He alleged his daughter-in-law Rivaba for creating a rift in the family, seeking an independent life, and demanding control over family assets, leading to further strife.

“Within three months of the marriage, she told me that everything should be transferred to her name. She created a rift in our family. She didn’t want a family and desired an independent life. I could be wrong, and Naynaba could be wrong, but you tell me, how can all 50 members of our family be wrong? There’s no relation with anyone in the family; there’s just hate.”

“I don’t want to hide anything. We haven’t even seen the face of our granddaughter in five years. Ravindra’s in-laws manage everything. They interfere in everything. They are making merry now because they have got a bank,” Jadeja’s father added.

Ravindra Jadeja responds to father’s allegations

However, after this widespread controversy, Ravindra responds to his father’s allegations with an X post saying “Let’s ignore what’s said in scripted interviews”.

He put a Gujarati text, giving an explanation that said, “The things mentioned in the dubious interview with Divya Bhaskar are meaningless and untrue. It is a one-sided story, and I completely deny the allegations. The attempts made to tarnish my wife’s image are truly reprehensible and unbecoming. I, too, have much to say, but I won’t air it publicly,”

Amidst this Jadejas Family Feud, a more than a decade-old X post of Saurashtra Cricketer is going viral on social media. Jadeja captioned saying “One who touches his parents foot daily, He never faces the situation in his life to touch others foot.”

Few cricket fans came to criticize, questioning the cricketrs’ ethical stance. See how fans responded to this post.

Ravindra Jadeja is currently undergoing rehabilitation for a hamstring injury that sidelined him from India’s second Test against England in Visakhapatnam. The injury occurred during the Hyderabad Test. He was included in the squad for the remaining three tests along with KL Rahul. However, their participation is subject to fitness.

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