Ravi Shastri gazes on the silver lining of the forced break due to Coronavirus outbreak

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The entirety of the cricketing world has gone into quarantine with the ICC canceling all the action due to the threat posed by the pandemic. Team India coach Ravi Shastri feels despite the unfortunate circumstances, the team will earn a well-deserved rest and also proceeded to outline the team’s experience with the outbreak.

While speaking on a Sky Sports podcast alongside Michael Atherton, Nasser Hussain and Rob Key, Shastri stated he saw cracks forming at the end of the New Zealand tour which India proceeded to lose across the ODIs and Tests after sweeping the T20 series 5-0 early on.


“[This rest] cannot be a bad thing because towards the end of the New Zealand tour, you could see some cracks coming up when it came to mental fatigue, physical fitness and injuries,” Shastri said. “The amount of cricket we have played over the last ten months, that was beginning to take its toll. Guys like me, and some other guys from the support staff, we left India on May 23 for the World Cup in England. Since then we have been at home for 10 or 11 days.

Shastri also went on to add that the team has played too much cricket over the course of the last 10 months across all formats. While also adding that the side toured a lot over the course of this period. He stated:


“There are certain players who played all three formats, so you can imagine the toll it has taken on them, especially being on the field, adjusting from T20s to Test match cricket and all the travel that goes with that because we travelled quite a lot. After England, we went to the West Indies, then played South Africa here [in India]. We had a season of two and a half months here and then again went off to New Zealand. So it has been tough but a welcome rest for players.”

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