Rashid Latif appeals to Sourav Ganguly to reignite India-Pak cricketing ties

Image Courtesy: AFP/PTI

While the whole world welcomes the new year, there is an ongoing feud between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). First, the PCB chief Ehsan Mani took a jibe at India regarding the ongoing protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, followed by an elevated verbal attack by former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad, who straight up wants ICC to ban cricket in India. However, former team captain Rashid Latif wants the Indo-Pak tussle to end, and believes Sourav Ganguly is the right man to do so.

Image Courtesy: AFP/PTI

While both Mani and Miandad are lambasting on India, Latif hopes that the two countries whould return to normal terms, and has openly stated the Prince of Calcutta to be the succour.

Speaking to United States daily The Nation, the 51 year old said: “As a cricketer and BCCI president, Ganguly can help Mani and the PCB. Unless full-fledged Pakistan-India bilateral series resumes, things won’t improve for both countries. The world wants to see Pak-India playing cricket.”

As Pakistan hosted a test series for the first time since 2009, Latif also mentioned Wasim Khan, the CEO of PCB to help propagate more tours in the country.

PCB CEO Wasim Khan should also play his active part to ensure top cricket-playing nations come and tour Pakistan as it will help Pakistan cricket and local players.” Latif added.

Pakistan’s ban was lifted by the International Cricket Council (ICC) after a decade long wait. Sri Lanka visited the country for the first time since the 2009 Lahore terrorist attack to play the test series back in December.

While the never ending political stress lies between the two nations, Latif also expressed his desire to see their neighbours to come and play cricket in Pakistan, and remembered 2004 when Dada himself convinced an unwilling Indian team.

He continued: “In 2004, when the BCCI was reluctant to tour Pakistan, it was Ganguly, who persuaded the BCCI and players. It was a highly memorable tour for India as they managed to win big here after a long gap.”

Although, the cricket coach went against BCCI’s proposal of a four nation ODI series between India, England, Australia and one more team.

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