Rakhi Sawant’s attacker left worried about security as reporters figure out the hotel she is staying in


Former TNA women’s wrestler and Rakhi Sawant’s attacker Rebel is irate at the way the Indian reporters are covering this incident. In case you don’t know, Rebel is currently wrestling for the Great Khali’s promotion Continental Wrestling Entertainment in India. She gained her fame in India after slamming Rakhi Sawant onto the mat which, supposedly, left her hospitalized.

Rebel is infuriated by the way the Indian reporters are covering this incident
Rebel is also a former swimsuit model, actor, and established cheerleader

Rakhi Sawant alleged Rebel that she took money from Tanushree Dutta to hurt her intentionally so that she could no longer dance and entertain her fans. Here is her Instagram post:

Rebel did clarify to her that this has nothing to do with Tanushree. However, the Indian journalists have found out the hotel where she is staying and are repeatedly trying to contact her.

Indian media is taking the Rakhi Sawant fiasco way too seriously. Firstly, pro-wrestling is a pre-determined sport. That means, whatever happens inside the ring and outside is scripted beforehand. Whatever drama Rakhi Sawant is doing is just for her publicity and CWE. The reporters should know this and stop harassing the 40-year-old.

Here is the video of her match against Rakhi Sawant in CWE: