Raimonds Liepiņš defeats India’s Mazahir Saidu 4-3 at King of the Table


Latvian Arm Wrestling legend Raimonds Liepiņš has defeated Indian Arm Wrestling champion and UAE heavyweight champion Mazahir Saidu 4-3 at the King of the Table event in Dubai, UAE.

The match took place at the Conrad Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and the event is sanctioned by the World Armwrestling League. The event was streamed live on coresportstv.

The event started with Mazahir Saidu comfortably defeating Raimonds Leipins in Round 1. The second round was a carbon copy of the first round. The third round also turned out in a similar way as he snapped the Latvian Arm Wrestler’s arm in a few seconds. Mazahir was making it look easy and it was starting to look too easy for the Indian.

Things started to change for the worse here on for the Indian as the fourth round approached. All the matches from there on went to straps and the Latvian just picked apart Mazahir from there on.

Mazahir Saidu blew a 3 round lead against Raimonds Liepiņš.

It’s an interesting turn of events as Mazahir had previously hinted that he would like to avoid being in a strap match with Liepins in an interview with Devon Larratt.

I would prefer the fight to be outside of straps,”. Saidu said.